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Tom Friedman cites Matt and Dead Ideas on health reform
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The Tyranny of Dead Ideas Welcome to my web site, where I'm excited to introduce you to my new book, The Tyranny of Dead Ideas: Letting Go Of The Old Ways Of Thinking To Unleash A New Prosperity. The book is about the threat that individuals, companies, and the country face from the things we think we know, and about the new and surprising ways of thinking that are destined to replace these Dead Ideas so that America will prosper. It's strange but true: at this scary-yet-also-hopeful moment in history, the battle to save the economy and the republic starts inside our heads.

Learn more about the book, read the introduction and check out the press coverage. Feel free to email your own candidates for Dead Ideas I haven't covered. (After all, you can only get to so much in one book). Readers with the best Dead Ideas will win signed copies of the book plus other exciting forms of everlasting recognition.

You'll also find my recent columns and articles, some old favorite writings, and some fun things I've written, including some children's poetry (that's right, children's poetry—have a look!). You can check out the weekly radio show I host, Left Right & Center, as well.

Please do sign up to get my new writings as they appear. And if you have ideas for things I should be writing about or talking about on Left Right & Center let me know.

I hope you'll agree that the stuff you'll find here can contribute to improving the things we all care about while amusing and entertaining you to boot. If we can't have a little fun while we're saving American capitalism, what's the point?

Thanks for stopping by. Now start exploding those Dead Ideas...



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