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Left, Right & Center Left, Right & Center is public radio's popular week-in-review program, recently named by iTunes as one of its "best podcasts." Matt serves as the show's host as well as the voice of the political center. The show also features Robert Scheer, author and editor-in-chief of, on the left; and a rotating cast of leading conservatives on the right. (The cast remains in transition after the untimely death of Tony Blankley, the show's longtime voice of the right. We've been rotating among a roster of terrific conservative thinkers, including Rich Lowry, Vin Weber, Stuart Stevens, Byron York, Ramesh Ponuru, David Frum and more). LRC also features frequent appearances by such eclectic authorities as Chrystia Freeland of Thomson Reuters, former Clinton economic aide Laura Tyson, and Arianna Huffington, who was a regular on the show for many years. Left, Right & Center photos Produced at KCRW-FM in Santa Monica, the show airs in 50 cities nationally, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, and reaches a growing global audience on the web.

You can hear recent shows, set up podcasts, or get more information by visiting the Left, Right & Center page at To add the show to your station's lineup, contact producer Gary Scott at

Left, Right & Center has appeared before a live audience at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica in recent years.

Watch and listen:
Watch a live show from October 25, 2009, assessing President Obama's progress to date on the economy, health care, Afghanistan and Iraq, below.

Read a rave review of LRC Live

Watch and listen:
The Nov. 9, 2008 live show with a special wrap up of Election 08 is below.


The original LR&C gang in action—from left,
Bob Scheer, Matt, Arianna Huffington, Tony Blankley

Arianna and Matt share a light moment during a
live LR&C performance in Santa Monica, November 2008

Public radio's longtime "team of rivals" (before Tony's untimely death)
"your civilized yet provocative antidote to the screaming talking heads
that dominate political debate..."